Running Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden

Runners everywhere agree there’s something special about a new running route and the feeling is multiplied tenfold when you run in a place you may never see again. On June 16th (tisdag) I met up with two Swedes and got lost on Djurgården Park in Stockholm, Sweden. I was staying at the 4.5* Strand Hotel in Stockholm, about five minutes from Djurgården.I was looking for 2-4miles and we ended up running 6-8 (we walked about 2 miles). I would still rank it the second best run of my life  (just behind 5am in Runyon Canyon on a clear day in LA).

Djurgården is a massive open green space about a mile from city center. It ended up being about half a mile mile from my hotel. There were cows and sheep roaming the island. We ran the path around the outside of the island passing museums, harbors, open green fields, and multi-million dollar waterfront homes. Every turn presented a stunning façade or natural landscape.

The bridge on the bottom right grants access to Djurgården from Strandvägen and I took the picture up top from the shore in the bottom right corner.

I practiced Swedish for about six months and being able to use it was extremely rewarding. Stockholm is my new favorite European capital. It’s Vienna surrounded by water, Paris concentrated into a manageable area, and Venice without the smell. There is no doubt in my mind I will go back to Stockholm and will definitely run a race there soon. It’s just a question of when.

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