Basic Tips for Destination Racing

Here is a quick recap of a story I wrote for RunHaven going over some some simple tips to consider before leaving for your next vacation or destination race.

  1. Contact local running groups before your trip and arrange to meet up with runners for a run. This is a great way to meet people with similar interests and can make running in a new city much safer. Pro Tip: You can do this for running, sailing or any other hobby.
  2. Use to find cheap car rentals and for non-hotel accommodations. AutoSlash can book rental cars for you and they automatically check for rate decreases. If the price drops they will rebook you at the lower price for free! This is the easiest way to find a cheap rental car. Do it. AirBnB is best for travel with 2+ people since you can rent a whole apartment or house.
  3. Grab a credit card with no foreign exchange fees. Before you leave, check if your bank charges 3% for foreign transactions. Getting a no forex card can save you hundreds of dollars on each vacation.
  4. Find out how much $20 is worth in the local currency. This is a must because it can help you gauge how much everything costs. On my trip to Thailand, I knew 700 baht was essentially $20. I spent 700 baht to get my picture taken with a tiger and 500 baht was the standard for late checkout. A 1.5L bottle of water cost about 30 baht (less than a dollar).

Good luck and be safe!

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