Week in Review (Jan 31st, 2016)

Training Recap

This week was a training breakthrough. The run that set this week apart was a 12 mile out and back. I ran 10:06 miles for the first six downhill miles and then neg splits for the final (uphill) six mile portion. The final average split for the run was 9:44/mile and my average heartbeat was a cool 134 bpm.

Marathon Planning

My plans have really solidified over the last week. The Taiwan and Bethlehem marathons are next on my docket. I’ve started practicing my mandarin for a stay in Taipei 😉 and I’m looking forward to visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. There are 12 days between marathons, my shortest time yet. Completing both of these marathons will mean I’ve run seven marathons in 11 months.

Travel Deals

I find great travel deals everyday and this week was no exception!

I’ve also been playing with some round-the-world itineraries involving Sweden, Germany, South Africa and Japan. It’s clear there is lots of potential here, but I’m not ready to publish anything yet.

Final Thoughts

The next 2-3 weeks of training will have very high mileage. I really hope the weather holds. I won’t purchase any airfare unless it gets me from DC-Taipei, Taipei-Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv to DC. Sign up for email notifications and connect with me on twitter, facebook and instagram to follow my training and stay on top of great airfare deals. As always, I can knock 10% off the lowest published hotel price via my travel booking service. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email from either Expedia or Hotels.com.

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