Trip Alert: DC, NYC, LA, San Fran to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur OR Jakarta

Fall fares to SE Asia have gone on sale and there are some great deals to be had. Here’s an overview of some of the ultra cheap fares (all prices are roundtrip and include connector flights):

San Francisco: visit Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for $502

Los Angeles: visit Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for $528

New York City: visit Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for $548

Washington DC: visit Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for $714

You can also swap in Jakarta for anywhere from $2 to $50 more (depending on your city). I can book this trip out of any of the 4 US cities. DC is obviously the worst option, but I threw that in there since it’s my home airport.


From DC, you can fly United across the Pacific giving yourself the option of WiFi on the flight. The service will probably be better on ANA, but you won’t have WiFi available. You’re connecting in Tokyo both ways and taking an ANA flight so perhaps you can compare the two? You must visit two of the cities in SE Asia to get the deal. If you only want to visit one of the cities, you can spend one day in the other. You can fly direct between all three cities in SE Asia. As I mentioned, the prices above include the low cost carrier connecting flight on Air Asia.

You can book these flights directly with the airlines and get a 24 hour window to cancel. Airlines vary in how difficult the cancellation process is. Book the flights first and then start looking at hotels 🙂

I would book the Pacific flights with google flights, the Connector flight with SkyScanner and use for all of my accommodations. Check out my Travel Like a Pro page for more information about why these are the best options.

Use my travel booking service if you want me to book everything for you (I can get you a great deal on hotels). Also, sign up for email notifications and connect with me on twitter, facebook and instagram so you don’t miss the next trip alert!

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