Destination Race and Travel Booking Service

Midnight Sun Marathon Tromsø, Norway
Midnight Sun Marathon Tromsø, Norway

I’ve visited over thirty countries and run marathons on three different continents. I’ve spent years building contacts inside the travel industry and the travel community. I enjoy exploring and tinkering with airline and hotel search engines and databases. Tell me where you want to go and I can get you there. Show me the lowest hotel price you can find and I can book the same hotel for less.

I can help runners looking for their next adventure, families looking for no-hassle vacations and everything in between. I specialize in maximizing frequent flier miles so definitely let me know if that option is available.

I can provide air fare, accommodations, race entry (if desired) and travel tips (vaccination, visa requirements, activities, etc). Sit back and let me do the work, it’s your vacation!

If you are are curious about travel hacking or are more of the hands on type, take a look at my Travel Like a Pro Overview for an explanation of the best websites to book hotels, airfare and car rentals. You can ask me anything using the form below.


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