5 Marathons in the Biggest US Cities

Philadelphia Marathon


Where: Philadelphia, PA
When: Sunday before Thanksgiving
Approximate Finishers: 10,500
Register: philadelphiamarathon.com


Houston Marathon


Where: Houston, TX
When: Third Sunday in January
Approximate Finishers: 7,000
Register: chevronhoustonmarathon.com


Chicago Marathon


Where: Chicago, IL
When: Second Sunday in October
Approximate Finishers: 41,000
Register: chicagomarathon.com


LA Marathon


Where: Los Angeles, CA
When: Mid February
Approximate Finishers: 22,000
Register: lamarathon.com


NYC Marathon


Where: New York, New York
When: First Sunday in November
Approximate Finishers: 50,500
Register: tcsnycmarathon.org


Photos from Runners World.

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