May/June Marathon Plans (Singapore/Vietnam)

The time has come to start planning my next marathon excursion. The overnight Alaska/Emirates devaluation has me terrified that Cathay is next so my plan is to drain my AS miles with another trip to Asia. The Asia marathon shortlist for the end of May/beginning of June is as follows:

  • May 29th, OSIM Sundown Marathon, Singapore (reg closes April 28th)
  • June 11th, PhuQuoc International Marathon, Vietnam (reg closes May 27th)
  • June 11th, Lanzhou International Marathon, China

And now the problems associated with each marathon:

  • Sundown Marathon’s packet pickup is the weekend before the race (wtf?). This means I would need to spend 6-7 days in Singapore. This wouldn’t be the end of the world… but it’s not great.
  • Phu Quoc Marathon would be AWESOME and it opens the door for pairing Singapore/PhuQuoc 12 days apart. It seems to be the first year of the marathon (never good) and it’s not clear whether they give medals to finishers (huge problem). It’s also on a remote island in Vietnam so travel logistics aren’t the easiest and flight costs have spiked more than I would like.
  • Lanzhou Marathon would be really fun, but I have other marathons in China I’m interested in running (I’m looking at you Shangri-la and Shanghai marathons).

I’ve sent an email to the race organizer in Singapore and I hope to get some good news about the packet pickup situation. Either way my itinerary will look something like the following:

  • AA economy DCA-JFK = $100
  • CX business JFK-HKG(STOP) = 55k AS + $30(?)
  • CX economy HKG-TPE rt = 9k BA + $30 (1.11 cpm)
  • SIN-SGN = $60
  • SGN-PQC rt = $120
  • CX business SGN-HKG(STOP?)-JFK 55k AS + $30
  • AA economy JFK-DCA = $100
  • Total = $470

I would get to visit Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong with this routing. That would make three new countries and two more marathons. Let’s see what the training gods have in store for me.


One thought on “May/June Marathon Plans (Singapore/Vietnam)

  • May 9, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Hello Kyle,

    With interest I was reading your blog when I noticed the comment about the Phu Quoc International Marathon. I am the race-director for this marathon so let me clarify some of your concerns.

    First time for the full marathon in Phu Quoc
    Let me explain about the “first year”. The event is organised by Sporting Republic ( They are absolutely not new in the field of organising large events or marathons as you can also see from their portfolio.. They also previously hosted the half marathon in Phu Quoc and in other parts of Vietnam. It will however be the first time that the full marathon will be organised in Phu Quoc.

    Good point and thank you for commenting. Yes, we do provide medals. We will update our website and Facebook page to reflect this.

    I hope this gives answers to some of your concerns.
    Thanks, Marcel


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