Man Wants to Run 3500 Miles on Water

Reza Baluchi of Pompano Beach, FL is finalizing preparations to run 3500 miles in the Caribbean Sea inside a plastic bubble. He anticipates spending 21 to 45 days in his homemade “hydro pod” to complete this feat. Temperatures inside the bubble are expected to peak at 130 degrees. Yes, I’m shaking my head too.

He told the Sun Sentinel, “first I’ll go north to Jacksonville, go east to the Bermuda Triangle, to Bermuda, come back to Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, coming back to Key West and finish here, exactly the same place.” His supplies include energy bars, sea sick gum, shark repellent and a filtration system that lets him drink ocean water. He trained for the journey by ‘jumping rope in a sauna’ and ‘running on the beach’.

Reza’s attempted a similar voyage to Bermuda two years ago. He lasted three days and made it about 70 miles before being pulled out of the water by the US Coast Guard. His latest attempt (a few days ago) was spoiled when the wind pushed him back onto the beach.

Rescue 2 years ago, from USCG
Rescue 2 years ago, from USCG

He claims to be running for charity, but I’m shocked any charity could, in good conscience, permit him to attempt such a feat. I assume he’ll float around in the ocean for a while before being pulled out by the coast guard. I just hope he doesn’t get caught in a storm and endanger the lives of the USCG servicemen tasked with saving him.

This is not endurance running. This is crazy.

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