Beijing/Thailand 2016 Unwind

I’m sitting in the Thai airways lounge at Suvarnabhumi (sue wanna poom) airport in Bangkok, watching the rain fall, reflecting on my trip and thinking about how lucky I am. It will be at least 28 hours before I touch down in Washington DC, but I’ve had great luck this entire trip and I hope it lasts another couple of days.

I got passed counterfeit money my first night in Beijing, completed my 7th marathon in my 7th country, crushed an entire Peking Duck (solo) from the oldest duck restaurant in Beijing, hiked the great wall, relaxed for 5 days on a deserted beach in Thailand, ate amazing food and made some great new friends along the way.

Longquanyu Great Wall
Longquanyu Great Wall

I had a brief moment where I considered heading out to Taiwan at the end of October for my next marathon, but a week without running shoes has pushed that dream beyond reality. Short term, I’m looking forward to flying business class on Thai Airways and Lufthansa for the first time (yay!) and I’m hoping to hold off on planning my next trip until I get my hands on the brand new pair of Asics running shoes waiting for me in DC.

Special thanks to my family, friends, co-workers, associates, partners and puppy who have all put up with my extended absence over the last few weeks. I can’t wait to get back stateside and rush into q4 with a full head of steam.  Signing off from Bangkok.

-The Miles Runner

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