Cancelling a Trip to Asia and Life Changes

Long time, no post. I’ve spent the last couple months preparing to move my company, puppy and self to Dallas, TX (I’m here!). I also registered to run the Singapore Sundown Marathon on March 25th and was trying to get myself in shape and rehab my knee after a painful marathon in Dubai this January.

Unfortunately, I needed to cancel my trip to Thailand/Singapore at the last minute. I was really looking forward to flying Cathay Pacific trans pac one last time and got extremely lucky with an EVA ticket coming home (/wave). I also won’t be attending the marathon in Singapore which is tough. I’ve only DNS two marathons. Singapore (2017) and a marathon in Palestine (March, 2016) that I skipped over security concerns and so I could spend more time in Thailand.

I came to Dallas hoping to start a new chapter in my life and it looks like I’ll be skipping ahead a few! Blogging has always been secondary priority for me but running is my rock. I can’t promise more blog posts but I do want to be more active on social media. My facebook page was taken down for inactivity (Twitter yo) but I’m trying to bring it back. I have tons of video clips from about half a dozen trips to Asia so I’ll be making more YouTube videos. I also will start documenting my struggles in Dallas on SnapChat. Pretty sure Instagram is dead but I use it for my footer so I guess I’ll throw some pics on there too.


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My only YouTube video so far 🙂

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