Cathay Pacific Business Class or BUST!

It took three trains to get from Brooklyn to JFK airport and two planes to get from NYC to Bangkok but I made it! Three trains later and I was reunited with a friend I’ve known since kindergarden. We hadn’t seen each other in over three years! We sat under a tiny awning at a mom and pop restaurant in Bangkok while it poured outside. It was as if no time had passed at all and another reminder of how rewarding travel is.

I was SO lucky to fly Cathay Pacific Business Class from on the NYC-Hong Kong-Bangkok segments of my trip. I think most people would agree a 6ft lie flat bed is the best way to pass the time on the 15 hour flight from New York to Hong Kong.

IMG_1408In-flight service was excellent. I was given two three course meals and as many bottles of water as I wanted. Staying hydrated on flights is a definite MUST for runners. I also ordered a very good bacon cheddar cheeseburger and a mini carton of cookie dough Haagen Daas. Both were bottomless but I exercised some self control.

Landing in Hong Kong I stopped by “The Wing” Cathay Pacific airport lounge. I was given a private bathroom with a shower to clean up after my flight. The lounge also had a free restaurant, coffee shop, danish pastries, bottomless dim sum (yes!) and all sorts of fruits and vegetables. For those inclined, there was also unlimited (free) alcohol in the airport lounges and on-board. After a 22 hour itinerary I arrived fresh in Bangkok. The next time I come to Asia you can bet your butt I’ll be flying business class on Cathay Pacific.

It’s always hard for me to post while I’m traveling and visiting with friends. I’ll have more posts coming but good internet is hard to come by so following me on twitter @TheMilesRunner is a great way to see what I’m up to!

Shout out to my friends Bobby and Amrith. Hanging out with both of you in Phuket Town was amazing.

Approach to Hong Kong
Approach to Hong Kong

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