12 Marathons on the Docket

Here’s a quick look at a dozen marathons I hope to run in the next couple of years! No particular order, but I would like I to do Africa, South America and Oceania quickly to hit all six continents.

  1. Bangkok Marathon (Thailand – middle of November)
  2. Mt Fuji Marathon (Japan – end of November)
  3. Cape Town Marathon (South Africa – mid September)
  4. Luxor Marathon (Egypt – middle of January)
  5. Dubai Marathon (UAE – middle of January)
  6. Buenos Aires Marathon (Argentina – middle of October)
  7. Bali Marathon (Indonesia – end of August)
  8. Stockholm Marathon (Sweden – early June)
  9. Athens Classic Marathon (Greece – early November)
  10. Porto Marathon (Portugal – early November)
  11. Casablanca Marathon (Morocco – late October)
  12. Paris Marathon (France – early April/November)

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