Passing the Title of World’s Longest Flight

Yesterday, aviation enthusiasts celebrated the launch of the new longest flight. With a time of 17 hours and 15 minutes, Emirates’ newly christened Dubai – Auckland flight appears poised to steal the title from Qantas’ 17 hour Dallas – Sydney flight. Of course, both of these flights pale in comparison to the 19 hour flight Singapore Airlines operated between NYC and Singapore until 2013.

I don’t have access to airline data, but I’m guessing long-flight economics rely on selling lots of economy seats. Dubai to Auckland makes sense to shuttle Europeans to New Zealand. It was interesting to note that the inaugural flight used an A380, but they will be switching to a 772lr for daily operations. A380s have tons of economy seats, so I’m guessing this route is primarily about pride/marketing.

Normally, this routing will be too long for Americans to consider. That doesn’t mean you should automatically pass on it though. Middle Eastern airlines are infamous for using government subsidies to undercut other airlines. If they are still operating this flight in a couple years, and it’s still the longest, I’ll probably take it just for kicks!

Here is my favorite Emirates commercial 🙂

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